Upcoming Events

Across Country Trip

Church Launch

Join Pastor Ricky and Solomon as they journey from North Carolina to Oregon, visiting churches and spreading the news for Repent America! They will be live on our Facebook page with updates and encouraging messages. Stay Tuned!

July 30-August 14, 2020
Save the Date for the launch of Restoration Church! Service @ 9am and 11am
901 Old Fairground Road Willow Springs, NC 27592

September 13, 2020

Repent America

Calling America to Repent and turn back to God.

September 26, 2020

Future Events

Israel Encounter 

Join us along with Judah Church, as we journey through the Holy Land.

May 15-22, 2021

Belize Mission Trip

Stay tuned as we plan a mission trip to Belize so that we can bring the good news to a country who faces extreme poverty levels.

Coming 2021

Iraq Mission Trip

Stay connected as we prayerfully develop a mission trip to this country that is 95% Islamic.

Coming 2021