"What is the Needs Closet?"

REAL Ministry is connecting with local businesses, schools, and churches to provide vouchers to local families to provide assistance for basic living amenities such as clothing, food and other necessities! A thrift store voucher (pictured below) is given to individuals in need and can be exchanged for essential items at our store. We know money doesn't grow on trees, that's why we pride ourselves on affordable clothing!

Remember to check out our website weekly for special announcements about items in the store!

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When our team finds furniture, appliances, and other typically expensive items we do extensive research to ensure the best prices for our customers.

Next time you are in the market for something new why not check out what we have in store!

About us

Real Ministry is dedicated to sharing the fortune of Christ with our community and giving back to those who are in need of our help.

What we do

REAL Ministry accepts tax deductible donations that are hand picked by our diligent team to ensure high quality at low prices!

What we offer

The thrift store has everyday household items, clothing for all ages, movies/books, and much, much more!

Interested in giving back?

Our store is in need of volunteers! If you are interested in volunteering please fill out the contact information below.


We are open Mon-Fri 10AM - 6PM
Saturday 10AM - 4PM
Closed Sundays